Paint Protection

We have 15 years of installation experience with PPF products. We carry self healing, 10year warranty products that have excellent hydrophobic properties. These products will keep your cars paint protected and like new
underneath. Protect your headlights as well to keep them from discoloring.

Benefits Of Paint Protection Films

  • Prevents Damage From Rock and Road Debris

    The installation of paint protection films will help protect the leading surfaces of your vehicle from being damaged by rocks and road debris. The film acts as a sacrificial layer between those things and your vehicle’s finish.

  • Reduces Wear and Tear

    Paint protection film can also be used to prevent damage from contact on high wear areas of your vehicle like behind and under door handles, door thresholds and the top of the rear bumper. As above, the paint protection film takes on the wear and protects the underlying vehicle finish.

  • Preserves Vehicle Investment

    Your vehicle will retain its value much better than a non-protected vehicle. In addition, a non-protected vehicle that becomes damaged will often end up with that damage becoming worse because of things like corrosion or paint flaking.

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